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Transaction Process and Details

It's simple and easy to advance on your pending real estate commission with our quick transaction process.

Based on your past real estate transaction history and the specific transaction, we offer high advance rates with minimal transaction costs. We do not ask for your Social Security Number nor do we ask for your credit history. This transaction will not affect your FICO score.

wilson gordon transaction process

A sample commission advance transaction is as follows:

Transaction Dollar Value
Property Closing Price $ 1,000,000
Agent Commission $30,000
Agent/Broker Split 80%
Net Commission to Agent $ 24,000
Percent Available for Financing 90%
Total Commission Available for Financing $21,600
Advance Rate 90%
Cash Sent to Agent (from Wilson Gordon) $19,440
Cash to Agent at Property Closing $2,400

The purchase of the commission receivable is a commercial transaction.  This is not a personal loan.

Application and approval is 100% online.



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