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5 Most Foolproof Tips To Make A Real Estate Business Actually Work

Building and growing your own real estate business is not quite like making a business out of anything else. Sure, in every example you are your own boss and do not have to answer to anyone else, but that’s where the similarity really ends. It may be easier to start a business, say, walking dogs or making treats for people, but real estate is much more rewarding. Think of it, everyone needs a place to stay, so it is not only financially rewarding but also will just give you that … Read more »

What is a Real Estate Advance Commission?

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Flexibility in the real estate business is something that’s necessary, given the rapid pace that can often develop during the course of a single day or week. With potential multiple sales that can take place at virtually the same time, a steady cash flow becomes vital in maintaining the viability of a company or individual investor. Such priorities demand having a source to obtain a real estate advance on commission. Room to Maneuver The lifeblood of anyone that makes a living selling real estate is the commission, which is something … Read more »