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How Much Should I Charge for Real Estate Commissions?

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For real estate agents, the realtor come for their work can sometimes be the difference between having greater flexibility in a competitive business and being forced to make do with a subsistence-level amount. Even for some of those that have been in the profession for years, the latter circumstance can make things tight. The Typical Commission Depending on the area these sales are taking place and the popularity of a particular piece of real estate, that percentage generally ranges from five to six percent, though there are instances of higher … Read more »

Tips for Choosing Real Estate Commission Advance Companies

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Being able to thrive within the real estate industry means having money available to pay off expenses on a past deal in order to move on to another potential sale. On many occasions, an unexpected logjam can grind things to a halt, which can result in watching potentially lucrative financial opportunities fall by the wayside. However, obtaining a realtor commission advance can help alleviate that issue, though the problem still exists of determining which of the many commission advance companies for real estate and mortgage brokers serves your needs best. … Read more »